Bali Marina Villas – ” Hiking, trekking, nature

Short walks or extended hiking and trekking tours to amazing view points

In Amed the landscape is diversified and offers visitors many great spots to visit by foot. You pick your own pace. Ask our staff for tips and recommendations that meet your needs.

Only 5 km from our resort is the village of Bangle. It is the home of farming people who still live in very simple huts made out of stone and bamboo. From Bangle take a walk through the rice paddies to the nearby holly spring which is guarded by a small temple. Enjoy spectacular views.

For truly ambitious hikers, we recommend a trekking tour up Gunung Agung (3‘142 meters above sea level), which is Bali’s highest and most holly mountain. Gunung Agung is a still active volcano and should not be visited without an experienced guide. There are two trails leading up the spectacular mountain. Visitors should be in good physical condition and expect a challenging tour. Never the less, one will be rewarded with breathtaking views along the way and from the very top!