Bali Marina Villas –  Water sports, reef, diving, snorkeling

Diving and snorkeling in Bali

Close to Bali Marina Villas you will find some of the island’s most famous spots for diving and snorkeling, fun both for beginners as well as more experienced divers. Whether you just start to actively explore the world under water or you are already an experienced diver, the coast line of Amed offers perfect spots for your underwater experiences. There is a number of licensed PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) school in the area. Talk to our staff and they will be happy to recommend the school that meets your needs. Following a few personal tips for divers:

USAT Liberty wreck in Tulamben

Tulamben is one of Bali’s most favorite spot for divers. The USAT Liberty wreck is located just off the beach and easy to reach not only for divers but also guests who prefer snorkeling. In the midst of the coral triangle, visitors will explore an incomparable richness of species. So, don’t forget to bring your underwater camera to catch some truly unique fish and underwater life.

Coral Garden in Jemeluk Bay: just a 3 minute ride by motor bike

The history of Coral Garden unfortunately is a disreputable one. Not only the tourism boom of the 1980 has left its marks but also El Nino a few years back. Fortunately, the site has mostly recovered and today, visitors get to enjoy amazing pyramidal soft and hard corals along the reef which is home to a large variety of fish and sea life. A 5 to 10 minute ride by boat will take you to this impressive site.

Japanese wreck in Banyuning

The Japanese wreck is an approx. 20 meter long steel wreck, just underneath the surface of the Indian Ocean. Its history is somewhat unknown, the ship most likely sank during war. Today, it is the home of many colorful species and soft corals. And divers can expect a truly wide and unique range of sea life. The spot is also ideal for less experienced divers.

The sandy beach of Lipah Bay

One of the very few sandy beaches in the area is located just minutes from Bali Marina Villas. The sand is black. Lipah Bay is home to many fishers with their colorful boats and also a great starting point to explore the rich underwater world.

Gili Selang

The diving stop of Gili Selang on the very eastern tip of Bali’s north coast is more challenging and perfect for experienced divers which will enjoy the small lagoon and its ‚habitants‘ like hammerhead sharks, turtles and tuna…to name just few…