• Bali Marina Villas –  the restaurant, delicious Balinese food
  • Bali Marina Villas –  the restaurant, delicious Balinese food

Enjoy freshly prepared Balinese food

Our chef Kadek prepares fresh, basic dishes made out of local, seasonal ingredients so you can celebrate fine, healthy dining during your stay with us.

Between meals, we prepare healthy, fresh juices that will vitalize your energy. Try our ’Papaya Coconut Cream Smoothie‘ or the ‚Kadek Vit‘ made out of carrots, papaya and basil. For starters, try our caprese salad with fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese on a balsamico dressing or ‚Acar‘ with cucumber, green papaya and Mango.

Kadek’s main courses are inspired by the traditional Indonesian cuisine. One of his specialties is ‘Ikan Santan’ made of fresh fish or ‘Ayam Asam’ made of roasted chicken. Depending on the catch of the day, you will be served tasty Mahi Mahi, Barracuda or Yellow Tuna. Also freshly served every day are king prawns.

For dessert we recommend the traditional black rice pudding or ‘Dadar Gulung‘, thin, rolled pan cakes filled with a fresh coconut sauce.

And if you want to try some other food for a change, there is a number restaurants within walking distance of Bali Marina Villas. Our restaurant is conveniently located in the reception area of the resort and away from your villa. Outside guests are welcomed too.