Bali Marina Villas –  island, temples

Bali’s north coast is still rural and authentic

For many visitors the Island of Bali is the dream come true. While sun bathing on the island’s southern beaches might be relaxing, if you are in search for the true authentic Bali, its rich and unique culture, stay with us at Bali Marina Villas, where we meet your every need.

In the region of Amed/Bunutan the Island of the Gods offers diverse landscapes and spectacular nature. Explore hidden bays, black beaches (often times a mix of stand and lava stone), breathtaking diving and snorkeling spots. Or take a ride along the cost on a motor bike. If you prefer walking or hiking, you will witness the still authentic and traditional life of locals along the way. Bali Marina Villas is located approx. 100 km north of the international airport in Denpasar. We will arrange your transfers (approx. 2 to 3 h) to ensure you can relax the moment you arrive on the island. Cost: approx. 40 – 45 Euro/car/way.

Bali Marina Villas is a great starting point for day trips to other areas on the island as well as a boat ride to neighboring Lombok or Gili Islands.