cooking classes

Cooking classes at Bali Marina Villas

How about exploring the richness and of the Balinese cuisine? We at Bali Marina Villas invite you to explore these secrets during a private cooking class in our kitchen.

While eating does not have the same social aspect in Bali as in our Western culture, locals make daily food offerings before starting to eat. Rice is the staff of life in Bali. It is served with every meal throughout the day. Often times in combination with small portions of chicken, fish, pork or meat. And for a true feast, roasted duck will be enjoyed.

Like in any other region in Asia, a rich variety of spices make every meal. Balinese like their food hot and spicy. Our cuisine is adjusted to Western eating habits. Delicious and healthy fresh coconut or coconut water and milk are added to many curries and other meals.

You either enjoy your very personal cooking class directly at our resort or at Bali Asli, a truly unique and authentic cooking paradise not too far away.